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Bren88 wrote:
The main point that your post reflects to me, is not the little amount ime a planner can afford to spend on an application but the crazy hourly rate you are charging. Am i missing something altogether or would you charging &#8364]

It was a metaphor. I don’t review other people’s drawings. Planners do.

I work in the commercial world. I don’t do nixers. no time no interest. I have 20 years postgrad and I charge clients the going rate. For that they get a thorough, professional service. Pay peanuts get monkeys.

I “assume” you meant “assure”. If it’s true it’s good to hear. I just don’t believe it. You’re a student, what’s the basis for that staement? €300 for a 140 word ad for a domestic extension is a little more than extreme. You’re correct in that they could have gone for eg the northside people but that is a weekly publication where, bizarrely, the ad has to be placed 6 days beforehand. So if you miss it by one day you delay your application by 2 weeks. And even then it’s €100.

Apart from An Taisce, the only people who scour the planning pages are those who think they can make a few sheckels out of an objection (ok that’s a sweeping generalisation but in my experience it covers 90%). Why couldn’t the planning authority produce it’s own weekly publication for nothing other than planning applications?. If the advertising was properly managed it could be even become free to place an ad. All the ambulance chasers could still see the ads, the planners could justify an increase in fees and the newspapers would have to go back to journalism.

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