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Very suspicious requests Michael 😉
But yes, what does the upstairs interior look like, esp the Viceregal Suite – does it have the same layout and similar decor to pre-independence?
The upstairs of many of these big houses are just rabbit warrens of unremarkable rooms, and the official site says that they’re mostly used for Presidential archives etc – but even so, surely the Suite must be of significance?
(listen to me trying to pawn off plain noseyness as architectural interest :D)

As for the interior of the ‘West Wing’ :), it’s pretty standard as far as I know. The twee oak kitchen featured in Seán O’Rourke’s recent documentary ties in well with the date Seamus gives for the refurbishment of the wing anyway…

Where is the ‘newly made’ Presidential carriage now do you know Seamus?
Otherwise, here’s Dev’s car 🙂

Also what happened to all of the George III paintings?!

Another point to add to the list of facts is that the Lodge was furnished/partly furnished by Butler’s of Dublin for the visit of Edward & Alexandra in 1903 – and much of it is still in use, not least because a relative of mine has restored much of it :). Also a beautiful table by Hicks from the same period, now used for offical functions.

Don’t know if the OPW are still ‘collecting’ for the house – certainly up till recently they were acquiring the odd 18th century Irish piece.

Here’s another wide of the original north front of the Lodge:

You can just make out the fanlight peeping over the top of the porch addition. Also the balls and urns are all thankfully still in place.

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