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Brilliant stuff! – thanks for that Seamus.

Fascinating info (and funny :)) about Hyde & the O’Ceallaighs.

There’s very few decent images of the 1911 wing available – I’ve often found that the old Hyde £50 note has one of the best views of it in the distance:

Did George and Mary live in the wing when they visited do you know, because it’s hardly the most regal of edifices, or was it for staff? 1911 would seem more appropriate for the style of architecture all right, bit of an Arts and Crafts influence in there as I remember from another pic.
Sure George must have had a grand old time in Dublin – a new wing for the Áras, a vast dining hall for Dublin Castle – anything else?!

Any idea as to the design of the ‘Presidential Bungalow’ (!) Seamus? Thanks.

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