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BTW the residential wing presidents Hyde to Hillery and now McAleese live in was built in 1911, not the 1920s, for the visit of King George V and Queen Mary. Presidents like it because it is private and the rooms quite small and on a human scale. Robinson however didn’t like the rooms and in any case the west wing badly needed repair. So she moved back to the old Viceregal Suite that had not been lived in since Hyde had to be hurriedly removed in 1942. The OPW then repaired the wing. McAleese moved back there because she thought it was a better family home for her family and in-laws (who live with her also) than the more formal Viceregal suite.

The building is also supposed to have a ghost of a child, allegedly Winston Churchill, who spent the happiest days of his life there, as a young boy living with his grandfather, the Duke of Marlborough, who was Lord Lieutenant. 😮

Final bit of info – when President Hyde moved in there in 1938, there was hardly a stick of furniture, in fact hardly anything except a bizarre set of portraits of King George III. When Sean T. O’Ceallaigh moved in there in 1945 there were not enough dinner plates, all the cups were chipped and there was barely enough bedclothes for the President’s family. And the kitchen was so dangerous it could not be entered. When Mrs O’Ceallaigh decided to host a garden party her staff panicked. “We don’t have a working kitchen, tableclothes, plates, cutlery, anything. How are we going to host a garden party?” one noted in a file. “We can’t even make coffee. There is nothing to make it in.” :rolleyes:

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