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Forgot this – from the official site:

“The President must reside in or near Dublin”

So the President doesn’t necessarily have to live in the Áras!

And if you can be bothered to look up the Consitiution, it confims this – stating:

“The President shall have an official residence in or near the City of Dublin.”

However, ‘near’ is not defined…

Despite what one may think of the President living in such a stately pile, when you see the amount of tiring hand-shaking ‘engagements’ he/she has to endure weekly, it is clear that an appropriate ‘base’ is needed, that if nothing else is simply large and adaptable enough to cater for the varied nature and amount of guests being recieved.

Having foreign dignitaries being recieved in a 3-bed semi sitting room in Blanchardstown is hardly an option 🙂
Interesting though that the President can choose to live elsewhere, even if they’d have to commute like everyone else to the Áras two or three days a week.

Also just of interest from the Constitution:
2. The President shall receive such emoluments and allowances as may be determined by law.
3. The emoluments and allowances of the President shall not be diminished during his term of office.

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