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How very interesting, thanks for all that.

Yes the original red brick house was a very handsome mid-Georgian building – think I have a picture somewhere of it.

It’s a pity that while the garden front benefited greatly it would seem from the alterations and additions made, the original house facade did not – including as you say Johnston’s portico, which looks a bit strange now smothered in white, and how it covers the fanlight etc.

Great story about the Victoria and Albert trees – how ironic Albert died off 😀
Is it the single tree centered off the garden portico at the far end of the formal gardens that is the surviving Victoria tree?

Agreed about the Viceregal being chosen as the residence in the end, it’s great to have so much history attached to it. Surprising in a way that there was opposition to it being used for the Presidency considering there seems to have been great satisfaction in taking over Dublin Castle and other traditionally Bristish strongholds – one would have assumed the taking of the Lodge would have been executed with great relish :).

Just on Clements, I remember watching a programme on the BBC about a year ago, and the Phoenix Park and the Viceregal Lodge were mentioned for some reason – it really stood out as you don’t hear places like that being mentioned very often on British telly – but at the end, the very final credit for the executive producer was for a man none other than Nathaniel Clements!

(I hope to visit the Áras during the summer as you mention it :))

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