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@what? wrote:

It appears that you are suggesting that the awards should be based not on architectural merit, but rather on the infrequency of the practice’s appearance on previous awards lists. An intriguing idea…….

propose some other schemes/ practices that should appear on the list this year and did not.

no – I am suggesting that the awards are earmarked before they happen ie “ok what award are we giving soandso this year? which firm is winning the award for the “slightly quirky box like small extension to a house in D6 or thereabouts?”

suggesting alternatives is only inviting the wrath of those who have already jumped down my throat.

at no point have I suggested that the schemes therein do not have any or some architectural merit. I am simply tired of the conclusion by implication that the same old faces are the only people worthy of merit. Have a look at the schemes by certain people that were deemed worthy 10 years ago compared to those of the same people now – have they really advanced architecturally?

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