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@ctesiphon wrote:

So apparently the DTO is doing a new strategy to replace (or update?) A Platform for Change, and the first phase of the consultation is online. I did the survey and found the questions a bit vague – notjim says ‘fatuous’ – but maybe that’s inevitable at this stage of proceedings? Either way, I don’t think the positivity and ‘here’s one for everyone in the audience’ quality can last- there will be hard choices to make, and pain. (Lots of pain!!) We’ll see how it pans out over time.

Seamus O’G- I’m looking at you! Now’s your chance to shine. 😉

Thanks for reviving this earlier thread, ctespihon.:) I must have missed it the first time.

Whether it is an update or a replacement of the original plan, it clearly is a new approach for the DTO, and one to be welcomed.

The original plan was produced by the DTO, and endorsed by the Minister, without any attempt to elicit the views of the public.

A public who, in many cases, had returned from, or who had visited and studied, cities which had good public transport systems from which Dublin could learn.

And, indeed, in a number cases that I know of, a Public which included people who had returned to Ireland after working within good public transport systems, in various capacities.

Compared to the previous approach, where it was deemed suitable for the DTO and an unqualified Minister to decide the routes of the most important lines through Dublin – in a seemingly willy-nilly fashion – it is positive.:)

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