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Absolutely – that is why this case is so unique.

I’ve heard no references to subsidence jdivision – even if there was it’s generally a simple problem to solve with underpinning and other methods.
A decision is due on the application in about two weeks.

Here is the proposed office development.

© EDA Architects

Suffice to say the residents in the other 200 or so apartments surrounding the courtyard are up in arms with this commercial intrusion into residential amenity. 14 objections have been received, one representing the residents association.

As undesirable as these apartments are, there is little excuse for their demolition given the dearth of undeveloped and derelict land in the Liberties area crying out for investment. This complex could easily be upgraded: merging apartments, widening window opes, the provision of balconies, improving insultation, while retaining the basic structure. Perhaps even with commercial and social uses at ground floor level.

Returning back to the city along the quays, it beggared belief seeing what was permitted to be thrown up along the quays and elsewhere over the course of the ‘boom’ years. It’s notable actually the contrast between the straggling Georgians and neighbouring development: the Georgians were generally structurally gerry-built but well designed, while the apartments were structurally sound but appallingly designed and laid out.

The finishes of some developments are truly abismally bad – vast expansion joints, bricks rigidly shaped into curves, grotty unpainted steel balconies, first generation PVC that’s already being replaced by second generation, opening casements hanging off their hinges – the list goes on and on… And all the while dingy little shoe boxes with a single bulb dangling from a bare ceiling visible through the tiny filthy windows.

I don’t see buildings or architecture at all when passing these developments – all that’s visible are nest-eggs and neatly-paid mortgages stacked on top of each other like a supermarket shelf.

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