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Have you tried the Valuations Office? The tax men of old, measured buildings (and every associated building) in order to issue to owners, a bill of how much tax was due – it’s a huge historical tool now – more useful for historians than you can imagine. It traces how a building changed when extensions etc., were added. It is helpful if you have names of people who lived there. You should also try the Architectural Archive based in Merrion Square. They are incredibly helpful. You should speak to the Conservation Officer at Dublin City Council. You should also try the DOE and ask to speak to one of their architects (I think there are approximately 4 architects whose job it is to review planning applications of protected structures) – they are very helpful. Also stop by the National Photographic Library in Temple Bar and see what they have. I presume it is a protected structure and therefore it should be on the NIAH website with its RPS reference – they normally have a photograph of such structures.

The monument on the bridge may very well be a protected structure also – check with the Conservation Officer. If it is, then it is up to the Council to ensure that it is not endangered – ask Councillors to intervene by raising it as a question at their next Council Meeting.

Remember local history groups (check at the nearest local library to this building) may have done local project work – documents are then held at the local library. Local Librarians can be a real treasure in this regard.

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