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The local authority should be policing this!

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Some comparison pictures of Athlone from a couple of years ago, and then today. In terms of the older building stock in Irish towns, things are never better when you go back to a place after a few years. There’s always been demolition, deterioration, PVC-ing and bad new buildings.

Macken’s on Dublingate Street (on the Westmeath side of the town) has deteriorated and also has a demolition application pinned to it. This is a pattern: The few remaining ‘untouched’ traditional buildings in our towns or villages often have demolition notices pinned to them.

Across the road from Macken’s, a couple of gentle old buildings have had the nasty PVC and render-stripping makeover, complete with SUV passing by!

Over on the other (Roscommon) side of the town, things are even worse: Sean’s Bar – which claims to be the oldest pub in Ireland – has had historic sash windows replaced with PVC. Well they’re really doing all they can to maintain their sense of antiquity!

Nearby, a curious old building with a four-sided roof has been replaced by …….…… I don’t know what really.

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