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While potential light rail and other developments are hugely important to the future of the city, I’d like to hear a few ideas for what can be done to improve the situation immediately. Essentially, these are things that cost very little to implement and can be in place rapidly. Even bus lanes take time to build and I’m talking about measures that could be in place within 6 months if the will was there.

So, here are a few starters

  • Pana for public transport only – This was the plan anyway, but with the building works on Grand Parade, it’s even more relevant. Traffic is queuing back onto Merchant’s Quay and Parnell Place and snarling up the city centre. Buses are getting stuck in huge delays making them less attractive as an opttion and also meaning that frequency isn’t what it might be
  • Buses not to remain idle in the city centre – Again, a bus that’s sitting on Patrick St waiting is one that could be used to increase the frequency of the bus service. It makes a mockery of the idea of cross-city routes.
  • Extend the 6 – When it goes into town, it should go to MacCurtain St and the train station too. On the other side, it could servce the industrial estates by Musgraves, but more importantly could link Douglas and Grange to the airport. Regardless of airport passengers, there are a large number of people who commute from the Grange are to the business park daily.

The last of these might require investment in extra buses, but overall, I reckon there could be significant benefit derived for little investment. More importantly, they could be achieved quickly.

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