Re: Parkway Valley Demolition


I read this today over at ‘An Irish Town Planner’s Blog’:

“…it emerged in recent days that the toxic loans agency Nama is prepared to demolish half-completed buildings which it believes have no value as commercial or residential developments.

Nama faces the tough task of dealing with €21bn of work-in-progress assets and deciding what the long-term future of each asset is. Demolition of some sites and returning them to agricultural use is already being actively considered by Nama.”

I wonder will someone at NAMA have some sense and knock the half-built Parkway Valley shopping centre and return the site to green fields?. It was as bad idea in the first place and if it was ever completed would completely suck the life out of the already struggling city centre. A friend recently described it as ‘Limerick’s weathervane’ as the only thing the cranes are useful for is telling you which direction the wind it blowing. Surely the wind is blowing it towards demolition? It might be nice to keep one of the cranes though – it can act as a post-boom-bust reminder of developers’ folly.

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