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…and having had a look at the maps now a few points strike me as very important and under addressed:

  1. Traffic stress in neighbouring streets – especially Wexford/Camden and Pembroke/ Lower Leeson;
  2. Bus options – will those being evicted from Harcourt St be rerouted down Ealsfort Tce and Dawson or down Camden/Aungier/Georges St – significant implications for traders if the latter;
  3. Taxis on Green North – the rank at the top of Grafton St may or may not now become a pedestrian zone but taxis are likely to lobby for the Dawson to Grafton zone to become a Taxi rank and turnaround like on O’Connel St opposite the Gresham;
  4. The horse drawn carriages will also press to be allowed stay in the becalmed Dawson to Grafton zone. Can we improve the pedestrain environment here at the same time?
  5. The taxi rank/drop off zone between Kildare and Dawson is to be retained but will (a) be on the “driver’s side” of vehicles and (b) still be much more highly congested being the only likely drop off for tour buses, coaches, taxis and private cars unless some of this is moved to Dawson St.
  6. There is no clarity yet as to whether buses might seek to drop off on Green East or North in lieu of South and West. They might be better to press on around the Green and simply put new stops nearer the top of Dawson St…. or remove some parking on Green North between Kildare and Dawson to make a new bus stop…

All in all they would be smart to have a public consultation on what they are doing. Sue, have you any idea as to when or how this might happen?

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