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For those curious as to what exactly is happening with the former An Post Sorting Office Site on Eglinton Street which was purchased not so long ago by O’Flynn Construction – I managed to have a discussion with a certain director within the company. The site has a sign located on it which indicates clearly the intention of a ‘MAJOR RETAIL/RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT’ – but O’Flynn Construction are remaining more tight-lipped on this project than any other. This is partially due to the fact that a certain Evening Echo reporter blurted out all over the local media that ‘Marks & Spencer’ were looking into locating at Ballincollig Town Centre – a report first posted on this forum, but which was taken from it without my prior consent. Now O’Flynn Construction are being a lot more cautious. However, the director did tell me that pre-planning discussions with Cork City Council had just been complete and that they would be lodging a large application with the Planning Department ( and it was said in these exact words) “pretty soon now, I can’t give you the specifics anymore, but the application will be lodge very shortly”.

When it is, this forum will be the first to know about what is expected to be among the most exciting of the new docklands developments. Although I have some details already, hopefully I will be able to post them here, the day before the application is made formally. So you’ll all know, a day before everyone else does – that is, if they don’t pull an O’Callaghan Properties/Jurys Hotel announcement.


šŸ˜‰ Speculation within development circles continues to mount – though cautiously I might add – about a large-scale redevelopment, renovation and extention of an existing Cork cultural institution. The speculation continues after holding companies for a number of investors who had been attached to the redevelopment plans for the MacCurtain Street-based culture and arts facility, quietly purchased quayside properties adjoining the institution. Rumour has it, an on-going feasibility study is being conducted into a huge refurbishment and extension of the cultural property, extending from MacCurtain Street to Patrick’s Quay. The development will consist of underground parking, late-night bar and possibly nightclub, educational facility w/ film production school, new mezzanine, restaurant and cafe, adjoining commercial units and additional smaller arts theatres which will be able to facilitate medium to large scale lectures/conferences etc etc as well as plays/dramas and so on. The project is seen as a perfect opportunity to provide Cork with world class conference and cultural educational facilities (which will work in conjunction with both UCC and CIT), and which will compliment Cork’s European Capital of Culture status. The expected value of the project is in and around 40m euro. However this is project, may I please remind you, is only at the pre-planning stage and there is no guarantee of commencement.

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