Re: Nothing for the Northside…


To begin on a positive note, Gleeson’s take on heights is to be welcomed – 7 or 8 floorrs is the optimum imo…. I also like his ideas as to the reinterpretation of the old Chapelizod road as a new boulevard – provided, that is, that it does not simply become a stalking horse that would eat away at the Phoenix Park.

However I too am concerned by the new bridge and rerouted traffic proposals; I presume Mr Gleeson is aware that the Luas is routed by this street, and that there is only one other traffic lane – at the moment currently west-bound. The street is simply too narrow and leads only onto other narrow streets, which are already Luased; so where would the inbound traffic go after Benburb Street?

There have been suggestions floating about for a long time that it would be a real boon if the Phoenix Park and the Royal Hospital Kilmainham could be “linked up”. Add to the mix the War Memorial Gardens and possibly Croppies Acre, and it would appear that there certainly is a lot of amenity spaces within the area that have up until now bourne little relationship with each other. To progress this agenda of inter-linked recreational usage of these areas would be wonderful; however I am baffled as to how routing thru-traffic across the river further west and along Conyngham road is likely to achieve this – if anything it would seem more likely to further segregate parks away from each other and discourage non-motorised users from going from one to the other…Maybe the journalist got that bit wrong as it does strike me as bonkers :confused:

One other aspect of concern with what is being proposed is the potential impact on Croppies Acre, an area far too long neglected – but what impact will a new road have,? Also I would like to see further detail as to this Louvre-style entrance (something that also came as news to a pal of mine who is one of the directors of the National Museum!)… Rather than such grand proposals, maybe it might be a better bet to get the acre functioning as a park by planting it up, new fountains, a children’s history play-ground etc?

Finally I am greatly dissapointed by Dick Gleeson’s prioritisation of southside suburbs over inner-city northside; the areas that badly need attention (and money) are around the North inner city – not the well-moneyed and settled areas of Ballsbridge, Rathgar, or the “gold coast” along the Dart line. Such “white-flight” type of redevelopment was exactly what lead to the decay of Dublin centre in the 60’s – as repeated again and again in Frank Mc D’s Destruction of Dublin – and in particular, it was Ballsbridge that was cited as the key example 😮

There is no attempt to address the pressures (and also pluses) of the new etnic communities in the north city; it is a shame that this area in terms of density, usage, etc simply does not figure on Mr Gleeson’s radar. You would think, what with the council just after having launched their much-vaunted Henrietta St Conservation Plan that they must have a strong committment to the area, and that the City Planner would at least mention it? Oh, hold on theres no money scheduled by the council for Henrietta Street, just as there was no proper budget for the 2001 Dorset St & Environ Framework Plan – and what got delivered there; bugger all 😡 (1/2 a project out of 6, 6 years on).
No, if you want to see DCC’s real commitment to Dublin’s northside, have a look at what they permitted to be built around the old church on Sean MacDermot Street, or at the bottom of Henrietta Street. As the Israelis say, “its the reality on the ground that counts”

Not to worry, I am sure that it’ll all be fine for Mr Gleeson’s beloved southside – which is happily enough where he lives. Who would have guessed :rolleyes:


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