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So, given that noone is so sure what the interconnector adds to the phoenix park tunnel connected under the river and given that seamus brennan is convinced we need a metro to the airport and given that turning around a tunnelling machine at stephen’s green will be expensive and awful here is my new plan: the metro line goes swords, airport, blah blah blah, broadstone, o’connell street, stephens green, pearse, and then spencer dock and hence onto the existing suburban network parts of which could then be electrifies. trains from the airport would go straight through the city centre around via spenser dock and then out along either the maynooth line or via heuston to kildare.

this way the tunnel starts and ends out of the city centre, the trains will run through and don’t terminate at an underground station, travellers from the airport can get out at a variety of city centre stops and so can travellers on kildare and maynooth dart lines and if you really wanted you could travel from kildare or maynooth to the airport. it would also intersect everything.

i will also post this proposal on so people wanting to tell me that i am probably the sort of person who enjoys travelling on trains between cities and should therefore shut up can go and say that there.

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