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Just thought I’d mention a project that is rarely brought to attention – Fleming Construction’s 50m euro Market Square development in Mallow – effectively a town-centre redevelopment. Fleming Construction, who generally stick to residential development, are embarking on this, their first REAL commercial development project in Mallow – a town which has become an increasingly vibrant commuter and feeder town to Cork city and one embracing the results of pitching itself as such a town successfully.

Below are a few images of the Market Square development. In the end, the project will comprise of a new multiplex, shopping centre, residential units, offices and 456 underground parking spaces which will span beneath the entire development

And on the subject of Fleming Construction, here’s an image of their recently completed 61-apartment, 6-storey George’s Quay development which includes a few retail units, a restaurant and licensed premises. The original design was by CMG Architects but was later developed by Coughlan de Keyser Architects (of No.5 and No.6 Lapps Quay fame). The development is surprisingly large to the rear – its quay frontage is relatively narrow. Extensive courtyards and gardens, over a basement carpark, are provided to the rear of this frontage.

πŸ™‚ I can’t remember who asked this question a while back, but Harbour Point Golf Course was purchased for 11m euros by the owners of Cork’s 5-Star Hayfield Manor Hotel and the Royal Hotel, Killarney.


πŸ˜‰ Werdna Ltd. through Murray O’Laoire Architects are expected to submit their revised application for Water Street in the next few weeks, assuming all goes according to plan. The new application will retain the central landmark tower, although it has now been reduced by 2-floors to 17-storeys (so I’m told, I haven’t actually seen the drawings yet so I can’t confirm that for absolute sure but the tower will remain). The tower height will not actually be altered much, I was so told, as the ground commercial units will now have a raised ceiling height. Minor elevational and layout changes have been made to the project plus a reduction in units numbers from an original figure of 400 to in and around 300. The boardwalk, business centre, underground car-parking and waterfront commercial units are all expected to be retained. But like I said, that’s what I got from a brief 2-minute conversation. I’ll get a hold of the drawings soon and confirm the definite spec. for you then. It’s a great project and I sincerely hope it gets the full-steam-ahead – as I do Eglinton Street.

😎 The Kilbree Investment Company are due a decision on their much needed 22-unit, 4-storey apartment development for the Lower Glanmire Road this Monday. The site is adjacent to Kent Station and is designed by Jack Coughlan & Associates.

I expect to be able to make a number of interesting announcements come the next few weeks – so fingers crossed!

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