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Well here you have it – the latest and most up-to-date tenant confirmations for Mahon Point – more are yet to come!

Main Shopping Centre –

1.Debenhams 2.Tesco 3.Next 4.River Island 5. Sam McCauley 6. Lacoste 7. Jack & Jones 8. Zara 9.Monsoon 10.Gasoline 11.Oasis 12.La Senza 13.Morgan 14.Principles 15.Ladybird 16.FCUK 17.Adams 18.Champion Sports 19.The Jean Scene 20.Bershka 21.Pamela Scott 22.Best 23.Sasha 24.A-Wear 25.Suits You 26.Jane Norman 27.Carraig Donn 28.Accersorize 29.Swamp 30.Peter Mark 31.Game 32.Easons 33.First Choice 34.Golden Discs 35.Clarks 36.Ecco 37.Barratts 38.Vodafone 39.Nature’s Way 40. Perfume

– names in the wings for the 2nd Phase of unit releases incl. 1. Pull&Bear (as part of Inditex’s other stores Zara and Bershka – however such an additional store may conflict with the ‘hip’ target market of Bershka) 2.HMV 3. Mango 4.Vero Moda 5. Bennetton/Sisley 6.Schuh 7.3G 8.Gloria Jeans

[more soon]

(*not guaranteed – but confirmed under negotiation)

Food Stores & Food Court Tenants –

1. McDonalds 2. KFC 3.O’Briens Sandwich Bars 4.The Bagel Bar 5.Eddie Rockets 6.Pizza Hut 7.Bennigans 8.Sweets

13-Screen Multiplex –

1. Omniplex (Ward Anderson)

Retail Park –

1. B&Q 2.Hickeys 3.Johnson & Perrott [more soon – see Retail Park Images below]

Hotel & Leisure Centre (for 2006) –

1. Hilton Hotels International

:confused: Tesco have announced their intention to sell Wilton Shopping Centre in Bishopstown. One of the country’s oldest ‘modern style shopping centres’ and one of it’s most profitable will have a 100m euro asking price. DTZ Sherry Fitzgerald will handle the sale. Only 2 years ago, Tesco paid 80m for the centre – buying it from the Irish Fund Property Unit. Since then, the UK multiple has substantially redeveloped and extended the centre – adding 11 new units and a 50,000sq ft 24-hr Tesco grocery store (of which they will retain ownership, along with their new parking areas and planned petrol station). Tesco stands to gain a 15m euro profit from a successful transaction.

😉 on a quiet side-note, plans had been formulated in the background by Roches Stores to substantially redevelop their anchor store at Wilton Shopping Centre prior to the 2002 sale. The plan saw the retailler doubling its retail space by adding an additional floor overhead and thus providing a more extensive department store capability with concessions similar to that of its flagship St. Patrick’s Street store and innovative Henry Street store in Dublin. Architects Newenhan Mulligan were commissioned originally for the project – which proposed a new main retail area and foyer, in-house restaurant and cafe, extensive natural light capability, new loading areas, multiple concessions over 2-floors. Although I am not aware of their current position on the project – in light of Tesco’s actions, this may present an attractive opportunity to forward with the development.

:rolleyes: Also I forgot to mention sooner – ABP refused appeal (subsequent of Cork County Council refusal) to grant McCarthy Developments Ltd permission to redevelop the former Cork City FAI Soccer grounds at Curraheen as a 150-apartment, parkland student campus. Refusal was based on isolated nature of the development and inadequate infastructural connections between the development and nearby CIT campus etc etc.

😡 And as for Bishopstown, CAHRA (Cork Anti High-Rise Association – classy!) have vowed to fight the decision to grant developer Mark Kelleher permission for his residential development of 70 apartments and 27 houses near Hawkes/Curraheen Road. Good ole councillor Jerry Buttimer has joined the campaign. The objectors are furious over the high-rise nature (5-storeys at its apex) of the development – citing they are fed up with the high-rise developments “staining” Bishopstown and its surrounds of late. Among the objectors (those involved in CAHRA) are the same groups of individuals that sought legal action against the City Council after the grew wary of a possible grant for another 5-storey development by O’Shea Builders Ltd near Carriglea.

-> a number of issues arise here:

First of all, Victoria Cross is the only area that can claim ‘high-rise’ to a degree with the 9-storey Victoria Mills (where were CAHRA then eh? It’s awful!) project.
Second, buildings in Victoria Cross and Victoria Cross Road leading to Bishopstown average between 4 and 5-storeys anyway (considering new developments at M&P O’Sullivan Cash&Carry by the Fleming Group and plans for the J&P Honda dealership inclusive).
Third, have these people even been to Frankfurt??? Do they know what ‘high-rise’ is???
Fourth, with the exception of Victoria Mills (fair enough, I accept V.M. is like one of those mean street-corner hustlers who reads to children at the orphanage on weekends – unsightly to look at but pretty on the inside), the standard of these so-called ‘high-rise’ has been relatively good and has not detracted from the sky-line in any negative way – nor residential amenity and privacy (which many residents now reluctantly acknowledge) – the city planners have, in fairness, been very careful and considerate about this issue.

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