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@malec wrote:

And also, now that they’ve starting knocking down these houses, does anyone know what will be built here? I remember seeing a hideous redbrick and blocky proposal for this site, hope that’s not the final version

OCP are about to go to planning for a three storey retail development here with a retail unit at basement level. Design is by Wilson Architects. Number 16 (the central brown building) is to be retained.
Great view of the Crawford extension in this image.

@phatman wrote:

Real pity about the facade, I preseumed it was protected, so it was a surprise to see it come down. Apologies about the quality, took it on my phone…

The tool responsible for this should be beaten to within an inch of his life!! How long have these lasted, only for this to happen?
I’d suggest you contact Navigation House with your com[plaints but, frankly, you’d be just pissing against the wind!

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