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😮 I approach this with cautious optimism, but CIE Chairman John Lynch has confirmed that work will begin this year on the 25m euro redevelopment of Cork’s Kent Station. Local T.D. Deputy Noel O’Flynn has also confirmed this announcement, citing work is scheduled to be complete at the station for 2007.

The redevelopment will see the terminal and it’s platforms now face onto the waterfront along Horgan’s Quay, with new access roads for departure and arrivals. The platforms themselves will be completely refurbished and the extended terminal facilities will incorporate a variety of updated and new services. The plan, I am told, is to make Kent Station a vibrant centre that will remain consistently active throughout each day providing services not only to passengers, but nearby businesses and residents. New landscaping and groundwork will be provided along the new quay frontage and a large multi-storey car-park is proposed on the site of the existing terminal parking area. A new freight terminal will form part of the redevelopment as well as updated and improved maintenance facilities. The existing terminal will be completely refurbished inside and out, with a new roof covering supposedly proposed for the ‘dome-like’ canopy running along overhead of the main platforms.

However, despite this positive news (and I sincerely hope this doesn’t turn into another Bus Station scenario thanks to CIE), no indictaion has been given by CIE regarding their intentions for the larger redevelopment of the Horgan’s Quay site.

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