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:rolleyes: With the long-overdue advent of Kent Station being redeveloped – as announced by CIE Chairman John Lynch – further pressure has been put on the State-owned company to make a committed proposal for the remainder of Horgan’s Quay, inclusive of a development schedule.

I’ve posted a number of reports on the development situations regarding Horgan’s Quay – incl. outlines of certain proposals. I have also incl. a CG Image of one masterplan proposal commissioned by certain parties, among which was CCC, by Wilson Architecture. CIE had originally commissioned architects O’Mahony Pike to draw up their masterplan for the site – but no information has been ever clearly made public regarding this plan. However, some bits and pieces did filter out, incl. that which was interpreted as a recommendation toward high-rise structures on the site to accomodate the high-density accommodations required to fulfill Development Plan guidelines, maximising the return on the site and its investment etc etc On the back of that, other development companies attached to the project in conjunction with CIE commissioned their own design-proposals based on the OMP Masterplan and apparently one other report. In these proposals, a number of alteratives were devised – incl. one I mentioned regarding 3 residential towers. The position on that proposal is unclear – however, other derivations also incl. high-rise.

Pressure really needs to be pushed to get a firm commitment and schedule on a high-quality development programme for the quay. If Joe Gavin is still oodling the idea of a ‘Point-venue’ here, which is suggested (in the media at least) to be a cause of a stalemate between CCC and CIE – though it’s a nice idea – he should really leave it rest and he should know that. The reality of such a facility being built will be focussed elsewhere. It’s time to get this show on the road.

:p For those confused about the design team behind Douglas Central Properties Ltd proposal for an 8-storey hotel and commercial facility in Douglas – though it was sugg’d a number of architectural firms were behind the design (and my understand is that there were) – the chief design team is being led by The Hyde Partnership – yes indeed, my old buddies of the Watergold Building (see below) fame!!! HA!!! πŸ˜‰

Feel free to scream! Hehe.

πŸ˜€ More drawings of the Eglinton Street development on the way soon!

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