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@Radioactiveman wrote:

Wow, the images of Horgan’s Quay look great (understandably a bit vague, but it just shows the sheer opportunity there is on site!). I suppose some of us might even live to see something happen there πŸ™‚
The shopping centre in Douglas is very depressing. It reminds me of a fancy shoe box. Most of that structure appears to be carpark. Pretty soon all of Douglas will be either shopping centre or carpark attached to shopping centre. What an exciting prospect for the people of Douglas πŸ™
p.s. I think whoever did up those Horgan’s Quay images slightly overexaggerated the size of the Irish Navy πŸ™‚

The picture was taken in 1996 during the Maritime Celebrations in Cork – most of the vessels in the image are foreign. God, Haulbowline wishes that was the Navy!!!

This proposal was abandoned – it was forwarded by Wilson Architecture – and to be honest with you, in my opinion, is not particularly enticing. More can be done – the other proposals designed are a bit more interesting, a bit more risque is some cases. From what I have seen of those however, I still think an opportunity like Horgan’s Quay should be maximised to the full, let imagination and innovation run wild(!), the proposals produced do not do this.

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