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there are pages and pages on high rises on this board about the dublin skyline but what i want to know is , why dont we have a desginated high rise part of Dublin ala la defence (I think)in Paris. I know we cant really go high rise near O connell street because of all the old historical buildings but surely we can do it outside the city centre.

A highrise district out near the orbital metro line or maybe even M50 would be a fantastic idea for Dublin and Ireland. We could stop urban sprawl. We could fit more people in the city and also reduce property prices and open up other space to public amenities.

Ultra modern high rise buildings would be an excellent chance for Irish designers to show off to the rest of the world. It would provide an excellent prospect to show our new found confidence. So why doesnt the government give the green light to such a plan ?? Its always catch up with the government and never visonary.

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