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Frinailla Ltd. have been granted permission for their redevelopment of the former Good Shepherd convent in Sunday’s Well.
The proposed development provides for the conservation of the original Home, Convent and Orphanage buildings and their conversion to 26 no apartments, including 7 no. 3 bedroom apartments and 19 no. 2 bedroom apartments. The proposed development also makes provision for the conservation and conversion of the existing Gate Lodge to a 2 bedroom dwelling. The proposed development includes the construction of 10 no. apartment buildings which range in height from 3 to 8 storeys and consist of 237 no. residential units including 37 no. 1 bedroom apartments, 165 no. 2 bedroom apartments and 35 no. 3 bedroom apartments. The proposed development also provides for 10 no. 3 storey, 4 bedroom townhouses. Parking for the development will be primarily provided in a 3 level basement car park.

A large number of conditions have been laid down, including:
Reduction in height of some apartment buildings.
A conservation programme to be established for the historical elements of the site.
All sash windows to be refurbished, with any new windows being justified.
Extensive conservation throughout the historic buildings.
Reduction in parking spaces.

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