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😎 Hi

Took a trip around docklands earlier and the pace and extent of developement there is truly breathtaking. I was just wondering when the 35 storey U2 tower is getting under construction? In a Dublin context that building would look quite big and it is an exciting development as it should give the council and bp the confidence to get on with highrise/skyscraper development.

Also the heuston gate tower. When is that due to get underway? That area is about to undergo massive regeneration. Eircom are to be the first tennants in the new 9 storey westgate development opposite heuston. Hopefully these two developements will compliment each other however I have concerns about the architecture of the heuston gate tower. It dosnt look like particularly exciting architecture. I certainly hope its not Hawkins house round 2 stuff:eek: Cheers

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