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You should realise that we are experiencing a unique time in Ireland, from the points of view of ALL people involved in planning, construction and design. I am not going to even try to justify what I write – that is not the point. The only point is to capture something in real time, and allow the folks in time in the future, to figure out, what is important about this time we are living in right now. There is just no substitute for a real time, individual account, on the ground, as it were.

Like you can read the diary of some fellow who died in the Somme years ago, and from those brief few scribbles, much later on, an historian can extract some key points from that. It is important to capture something of these unique times here in Ireland – they will not last – but vanish as quickly as they came about. I write from the point of view of the foot soldier, the guy standing in the trench as things all played out. There are other methods of capture, of history and time, like 25 years of architectural awards for instance. But I am trying to capture things in a different kind of way. Our dumb conversation and ping-pong argument, may prove an important anecdote in years to come, you never know.

Brian O’ Hanlon.

Oh Brian. Your post made me laugh out loud, but I suspect for all the wrong reasons.

A few quick points:
This is a discussion forum, not a diary. I’m not sure what Paul sees as the point of it, but for me it’s a useful place to keep up with developments, learn from more experienced players, express opinions on subjects about which I’m knowledgeable and maybe even have an impact on current thought and debate.
Also, it’s not a holding pen for your stream of consciousness thoughts. A little self-editing might go a long way, i.e. why wait for the future folks to work out what you’re trying to say? Why not work it out first, before you post?
If you want to write a diary, then write a diary. Or a blog if you prefer (this was said to you on earlier threads, before I was a poster here [kindly linked by you]- it makes sense to me and would probably suit your style better). But impromptu monologues with an eye on the future and ignorance of the present, particularly when they hijack a debate? Take it outside.

I’m not doubting that something like this may be of value to future generations (indeed, maybe the only reason I keep posting replies to your posts is for fear that silence would indicate to future generations that we all think like you do and believe the same things), but I think they’d prefer a measure of reflection and dialogue rather than scattergun soliloquies. I know I would. But sure what value my opinion when the future is watching?

In conclusion, just let me quote this bit again as it cracks me up:
@garethace wrote:

I am not going to even try to justify what I write – that is not the point

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