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😎 Here is a drawing prepared by architects Frank O’Mahony and Glen Barry of Wilson Architecture for O’Flynn Construction’s Eglinton Street Tower development. Decision due 25th Feb 2005. The 80m euro + development will consist of 217 residential units (in predominantly 8-storey blocks), 40 of which will be located within a landmark 17-storey tower in the south-west corner – averaging a generous 1,900sq ft, 7 own door office suites and 5 large retail units, 550 underground car-parking spaces over 2 levels, a new civic amenity area, new pedestrian routeway and road connecting Eglinton Street with Albert Road – which will also aid the new ‘Webworks’ to be developed by Howard Holdings at Albert House, along Albert Quay.

This drawing provides a perspective from the Eglinton Street/western elevation – provided by Wilson Architectire, O’Flynn Construction through Cork 2005 and the RIAI.

*see prev. posts for additional images*

πŸ˜‰ And with less the 2 weeks to go before its grand opening, work at Mahon Point is going full-steam with some jobs on-going 24hrs a day…speaking of which, Tesco’s new grocery store at the massive shopping centre will be it’s 2nd permanent 24hr store in Cork following the unprecedented success of its flagship store in Cork at Wilton SC.

– and in related news…

:confused: …the German investment funds group, Deka Immobilien (which is currently in a spot of trouble regarding its own finances) which saw its first Irish project take shape in the form of Mahon Point along with O’Callaghan Properties is rumoured (and I stress RUMOUR) to be discussing the purchase of 10,000sq ft of office space at the 21 Lavitts Quay office development in Cork city centre – also being developed by OCP (which will also house the new O’Callaghan Properties HQ on the upper floors). I haven’t heard anything of it other than the rumour so I can substantiate it yet – but it would make sense considering Deka’s intentions on expanding into the Irish market and its relationship with OCP. The office will be designated as Deka’s chief Irish operations office.

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