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From the feel of the images in the Echo – Its just another HJL or OMP etc.. designed buildings with some glass façade, some tress and a few ‘architectural’ features
Can these farmers not instruct an architect or a ‘urban designer’ to rape them in fees or alternatively just sell to Howard Holdings and have the docks as home for the DEATH STAR.
No seriously the future Development of this area of Cork must take the route less traveled by.-None of this bland monotone streetscape form droped in with the left mouse button from Sir John Roberson’s Quay development which is embarrassed of its height.
Instead the Planners in the City Council must be taken off their seats with a design proposal which will get them all talking – with all their assistances and their administrators and their administrators assistances and their secretaries and their Engineers and Architects and their assistances and their administrators…..
Then the councilors will tell them what to do.- Which will then be appealed to the ABP- who in turn will ask for an Oral heaing and talk the thing to death

Seriously the quicker Cork gets a CDDA and a their own version of a Paul Maloney the better.

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