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There’s been a crusade on the forum over the past few months – I don’t know if the people involved are aware how obvious it is – to ‘put pressure on’ for hi-rise, and try’n create the impression to those in influence who might be looking in that there is a large demand for high rise, and that we need to “catch up” with other international cities by pushing through any high building plans quickly. These sentiments have been made, in the large part, without any accompanying discrimination in regard to quality, appropriateness of location and response to the city’s existing structure and identity.

A small number of people, using multi-IDs (and perhaps organising others here or abroad to register and say the same thing) have been coming in and expressing essentially the same sentiment as ‘Irishatheart’ above.

None of these advocates have presented any rigorous arguments as to why all of the high-rise building proposals presented thus far should be given planning approval and built promptly, as they want. The standard flimsy argument is that ‘other cities have high buildings – why can’t we?’ and (fallaciously), that high rise would stop urban sprawl.

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