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😡 A newspaper article appearing in today’s Irish Examiner (8th Feb 2005) highlighted the ‘turmoil’ being faced by the residents of Dennehy’s Cross and the Model Farm Road – many among them members of CAHRA. The residents are up in arms about the development proposed by Richard Walsh & Dick Kiely (of Walsh Consulting) of 22 no. residential units comprising 6 no. 1 bedroomed apartments, 11 no. 2 bedroom duplex units, 2 no. 3 bedroomed apartments and 3 no. 2 bedroomed detached town houses; 2) 1 no. 175m2 cafe/restaurant and 1 no. 99m2 retail unit; 3) a 33 no. space basement car park with access from Victoria Cross Road. Yet again, the majority senior citizens are protesting at the high-rise nature of the development (between 2 and 4 storeys :confused: ). They complain of being tired of development in their area. One of the 22 objectors, Ms. Helen O’Hea (70) laments for the loss of the local chemist, butcher and post office which she claims once left the residents, ‘spoilt for choice’ – she implies that this is due to development in the area and further complains that the area is turning into a ‘ghetto’.

– these residents, in the form of CAHRA, make me laugh and become highly frustrated in equal measure. They reflect on the area’s past with rose-tinted glasses and fail to recognise development is not the cause for the loss of their local butcher – markets change, shift, people age and move on. The development in this area has been very respectable in most cases and few have had any direct effect whatsoever on any residencies. Moreover, objecting to such development isn’t going to bring back the ‘good old days’ or local services – if anything, the provision of such development will bring these services back into the area once again to meet increased demand (the above application brings a new restaurant and retail unit back into the community). Once again, the residents are showing a questionable sentiment regarding this ‘high-rise’ development – excuse me but many houses in the area range taller than the 2 to 4 storeys they are protesting. 4 storeys isn’t high-rise by even a long-shot. [a comment here at this exact point has been purposely removed until such a time that situations regarding it can be resolved. I will happily reissue this line on request following the outcome]

🙂 Frinailla Developments have acquired the Dennehys Cross Garage premises with adjoining shop & bar. Originally earmarked for a student development, the site now looks set to see a new residential and commercial proposal. Of course CAHRA and the residents will be fuming – but new local services they complain of being ‘destroyed’ by development, will in fact be provided in this new venture. McCutcheon Mulcahy will be employed by Frinailla on the development – with John Paul Construction most likely as main contractors. An application should be lodged for early to mid Summer.

– and to lawyer , Marina Point is considered the whole area from the ESB Power Station east to the Ford Motor Co. premises toward Blackrock direction.

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