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Although preliminnary work on the Cork School of Music has begun – the demolition of the existing building and construction of the new college building (which incorporates space provided by clearance of old building and adjacent car-parking area) has yet to go ahead. Jarvis Plc (who’s 1st PPP project outside the UK is the CSM) have stressed that the Cork project will be unaffected by its recent fiscal problems. CEO, Michael Hyde has pointed out that Jarvis is actively pursuing all its outstanding dues and has begun selling off certain assets it no longer views as core to its operations.

“This is an extremely challenging time for the group and we are taking the necessary decisions and implementing them. We are collecting outstanding payments and have more to do. We are also taking very significant overhead cost out of the business. Considerable progress has been made, and further action is planned to ensure a leaner, sustainable core business for the future,” said Michael Hyde (02/07/2004)

Hopefully these assurances will stand – but as Frinailla Developments learned with their An Caislean development in Ballincollig, despite the strongest assurances of the contractors, sometimes financal circumstances over-rule the strongest of commitments. Though Jarvis is in a seriously tricky corner – I think the CSM should be unaffected. I’ll keep an eye on this one – and let you know if the situation alters. Fingers crossed!

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