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The image below is taken from a graphic posted by sw101 earlier on up this page – the original graphic outlines the Water Street development area (as shaded in red). I said, however, that I would use the image to outline SOME but not all of the projects proposed in and around the docklands. The good news, this is not the sum of all docklands projects being either investigated, at pre-planning, in planning or under construction – but represents what I can tell you for the time being. I will of course update you when allowed or able to. For the time being, it may provide some of you with an interesting insight.

Though all the above projects are a reality in some shape, I cannot outline the details of all sufficiently due to issues of confidentiality. But here’s what I can –

The YELLOW outline represents the site owned by Tedcastles Ltd – east of Marina Point. One plan for the site proposes a substantial residential development with adjoining parks (private and public), some educational facilities and a number of office spaces. An ‘impression’ of the development was posted a few pages back. However, the usage contravenes Development Plan guidelines, with cites that the southern docklands are the preserve of predominatly commercial activities. The North Docklands will serve residential usage in the main. Tedcastles are currently exploring other options – and may seek to develop the site themselves. An announcement could be due in the near future (as in this year!)

The LIGHT BROWN outline to the very bottom of the image is the site of the former Goldcrop premises and Centre Park House. McCarthy Developments are currently in planning with this nice 100,000sq ft, 8-storey office development. Murray O’Laoire are architects. The development will adjoin Centre Park House (to be refurbished).

The BLUE above the aforementioned site is an 80,000sq ft site purchased late last year for a handsome sum by Cohlan Downing Associates. I can’t specify the details here – but a number of foundation assessments are supposedly earmarked to address subsidence issues. However, the new owner has not been foiled in devising some large-scale plans for the site – and plans to perservere with an application following verification from engineers, or following treatments, at some point in the future. A date has not been earmarked. Designs are on-going. No news may be made public for quite some time.

The RED outlines the famous IAWS controlled site of R&H Hall Weybridge. A number of plans have been devised for the site. Some were formulated back in 1999 – but were dismissed by planners in early talks. New plans will comprise of mixed-usage with commercial (and possibly, just possibly, a fine cultural element to it. This again, is unlikely to be made public for anytime within the immediate future. I can say, at this point in time. I have no real inclination regarding time-frames etc etc – but I’ll find out.

The PURPLE is another hush-hush project, the site is owned by Careys Tool Hire Ltd, who have been quietly buying up the properties surrounding their facility at Albert Quay/Road. The most high-profile purchase being that of the Sextant Public House on the north-western corner. CTH have been assessing development plans with a commercial twist – but again, no timeframe is set clearly. CTH have been eyeing to move their business to a more accessible and spacious premises.

The LIGHT GREEN = the Doyle Family Warehousing premises with which terms were recently agreed on sale. The figure is estimated in and around 7m euros by the press but I’ve heard conflicting statements. The owners will likely make an offer to the adjoining warehouse facility between the newly purchased site and Albert House.

The BOTTLE BLUE is Albert House, Howard Holdings will redevelop lands to its rear (former rail terminus) as a new WebWorks (Business and IT facility) to be let to Enterprise Ireland.

The WHITE encroaching at the bottom is some of the O’Flynn Construction Eglinton Street development site. The 17-storey tower and 217 residential units over retail, office and 550 basement parking spaces – hit a planning snag regarding parking issues. 2 meetings have since been held between CCC and OFC, with a twist in the tale coming up soon I believe.

The NAVY = OFC’s nice No.5 and No.6 Lapps Quay office developments.

The TURQUOISE = Howard Holdings nearing completion City Quarter development with Clarion Hotel, Office Building, Boardwalk, Retail, Leisure, Parking etc all on site. A winner!

The BROWN triangle behind City Quarter is the tiny site of a proposed 12-storey office building of only 20,000sq ft. Though planning was set to be sought soon – I believe a number of issues are being first addressed. Still being kept quiet.

The BOTTLE GREEN feature the Reliance Building fronting Anderson’s Quay. It and adjoing buildings to the rear are being ‘assessed’.

And FINALLY, the GREEN = the infamous Horgan’s Quay redevelopment. CIE have said they don’t plan to move their behinds til 2007 – but we’ll see. Manor Park Homes + others are in on the plans. O’Mahony Pike were approached to formulate a masterplan – but others have also been contacted with 2 other plans devised, and from what I was told recently, have since been asked to be revised (good news???). It’s CIE, I won’t hold my breath. What could be there? Up to 5,000 residential units in 3 phases, a new commercial plaza, landmark highrise, quayside amenities, new road network, redevelopment train-station, multi-storey car-park (questionable now though), hotel and a few other nice surprises.

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