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As far as I am aware, the Further Info (2nd such Further Info) regarding Eglinton Street is just an issue of Clarification which Wilson Architecture are currently looking into and it shouldn’t hold back the application too much longer. But in line with sentiments already expressed, CCC have a genuinely terrible attitude toward investment in their city – it really is dominated by an ‘old boys’ network and politics. Now as I’ve said a million times, not ALL development is A+ grade, but CCC don’t seem to recognise such a grade when it comes their way. Granted, I would rather see Eglinton Street delayed another month and get full permission than see it refused – but the fact is, O’Flynn Construction (OFC) spent an EXTENSIVE amount of time in prelanning discussions with CCC Planners about the Eglinton Street site – they consider many options and at one point consulted with CIE about provide an integrated transport hub in line with City Development Plans. CIE rejected the approach. So OFC decided to go ahead and concentrate on developing the site as best they saw it – CCC knew well in advance of the application that the development was to be high-rise and even agreed to a height in principle (which was actually even higher than the 70m current proposal). CCC have really messed OFC about on this application – from requesting Further Info before submission closing dates, to accepting objections beyond closing dates, to Joe Gavin turning around half-way through the planning process and saying he has now changed his mind and would rather see a commercial development utilise the site and on and on – and now the current Further Info issue. To be honest with you – it’s not good form. CCC are itching to get the docklands moving – but when a proposal does come along they hymn and haw about it – it’s pathetic. And as mentioned above, other developers note such behaviour. Eglinton Street is a solid and high-quality development and I do believe Cork deserves such a project. Rumour has it IAWS are now revising their high-rise option for Kennedy Quay in light of CCC’s approach to OFC and Werdna (Water Street) – what will get, again, is another substandard underwhelming project because of petty and short-sighted ignorance.

I sincerely hope OFC get an unequivocal greenlight for Eglinton Street – OFC deserve it, the docklands deserves a little inspiration, the ‘old boys’ need a wake up call and most important, Cork deserves it. I’ll let you know what happens as it does happen. Fingers crossed!

Note that OCP only got the greenlight for Jurys after CCC knocked another 20 apartments off the development in addition to the 30 OCP obliged to reduce during planning. Then CCC claim that they can’t be criticised for not greenlighting major development projects – ridicuolous! The project that was proposed had 50 more apartments and a couple of more floors – what we were given was a half-assed result. The architectural standard and layout of the project was significantly reduced as a result. Grow up CCC! I also hope OCP find some juctice with ABP.

On that note… it is worth noting that today (Mon 28th Feb 2005) sees the final day of operation for the existing Jurys Cork Hotel along the Western Road. The hotel won’t be open until late Summer 2005 again in it’s new incarnation – which, unfortunately (thanks to some small-minded people) is still pending with ABP. May 17th 2005 = due date (all though the application has been given ‘PRIORITY STATUS’.

On the note of planning, it’s interesting to note that 70% of all planner Noel Riordan’s application (northside) in the past 2 months have been refused – I agree with some decisions indeed, but a figure that high should be looked at.

🙁 😮 PJ Hegarty & Sons Ltd removed their final tower crane from over Howard Holdings’ 100m euro City Quarter development along Lapps Quay. The project consisted of developing a 200-bedroom 7-storey Clarion Hotel and Leisure Centre, 265 space basement car-parking facility over 2 levels, retail and cafe units, a new pedestrianised quayside with boardwalk, pontoon and docking area, 80,000sq ft of office space (now fully let and/or sold) + the new Irish Examiner/Evening Echo HQ over 2 floors and a 12.9m quayside sculpture.

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