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Biggest problem with architects’s services is that they must mostly be paid prior to mortgage approval.
That’s the hitch for so many people. It’s a lot to take from one’s savings in one go.
Were they payable after the approval then they could be included in the house loan.
But with few people currently in jobs secure enough to justify an architect’s application for finance to pay them, it is hard to see this being a solution.

If a person goes to an architect and says “I want to pay no more than €70 /sq ft for this house”, the architect may well be able to achieve a good design and even get his own fees from this figure.
But the planning process period and the obvious need for cash flow to sustain their office forces the architects to demand payment as it accrues.

Maybe the architects themselves may have a solution to offer on this crux.;)
It is most acutely in their own interest to do so, even though all of us will see the benefit of a better designed built landscape . . .

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