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The architects for this project are J.E. Keating & Associates – the firm seems to be a big fan of brick-work such as Camden Wharf. It’s other projects such as East Douglas Village also uses this form of brick-work to an exceptionally high aesthetic standard, also, the other big J.E. Keating project under development (and only a stone’s throw away from Camden Wharf) is Sean Mhuileann (see image below), A 169-unit apartment development backed by auctioneer/developers Frank Sheahan and Joe Carey. The development is a highly imposing set of structures near Hewitt Mills along the Blackpool By-pass. Phase 1 (that large stepped 8-storey semi-circular building) was completed by PJ Hegarty & Sons Ltd earlier this year, with Phase 2 (the 3 stand-alone blocks) are currently under construction by Ascon Ltd.

Note: This image is a mirror-reversal -> the main semi-circular structure is actually to the north (left-hand-side)

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