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Well, Pa Johnson’s legendary public house was finally demolished today after 150 years in business – but it won’t be long before a new and improved Pa Johnson’s is back in place, at the very same location, only this time, it will form part of a larger complex being developed by OSB Group. The development wing of O’Sullivan Bros. DIY and Builders Retailling (among other things) is forwarding with Phase 2 of its Camden Court project. This phase will incorporate 50 apartments (on top of the 40 or so as part of Phase 1), a brand new and state-of-the-art Cork Arts Theatre and large, brand new Pa Johnsons public house. The project is designed by James Leahy & Associates, and is being constructed by John F. Supple Contractors.

Here’s an old press image of how the whole project will look (Phase 1 – the lower section to the left, and Phase 2, the bulkier section to the right) in about 15 months. I unfortunately do not have an adequate CG Images from the architect which I can post for the time being.

The project is actually a very striking structure along Carrolls Quay – the first Phase has already gained praise from citizens. I accept this image does the project zero justice, but hey! Copper and limestone cladding is used extensively throughout.

😉 Also, on the sale of the former Doyle-family owned Cork Warehousing Co. facility on Albert Quay – contrary to some media reports, the sale price offers pitched at 7.75m for the 20,000sq ft site. O’Flynn Construction, Howard Holdings and 2 other prominent names are in the mix. However, it would certainly make major sense for OFC to nab this one – as the site would provide an excellent waterfrontage onto Albert Quay for their Eglinton Street development to the rear and may, through an application, provide for additional parking spaces to Eglinton Street – whcih had become a planning sore-point at the moment (with CCC wanting a substantially reduced basement car-park at Eglinton Street – in context, a stupid planning request on CCC’s behalf). Albert Quay could provide the additionally spaces need to assist Eglinton Street sales pitches, while allowing CCC some satisfaction by reducing parking. Who knows?! Either way, Albert Quay will have to be within the commercial/office usage category. Another developer in the running is hoping to provide a 7 to 8 storey office building with retail centre and basement parking.

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