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It’s a good question; was it right to build historic-style facades there or should a contemporary architectural approach have been taken? Would it be done now? What constituted good contemporary infill at the time (early ’90s)? If better quality materials had been used would the scheme be so reviled? Lots of ponderables….

The funny thing is, in comparison to a lot of fake Georgian before and since, a lot of attention was paid to the design of the Bachelor’s Walk scheme (window proportions, subdivision of facades, roof & chimney detail etc.). But the results are still awful; reconstituted stone used for all the “stone” detailing (the hallmark of all cheap nasty urban renewal development) and the façade as a whole looks dead and sterile compared to the genuine historic buildings that begin on the other side of the Ha’penny Bridge (Ormond Qy).

And, funniest of all, the most prominent ‘building’ in the scheme, the one at the corner with Liffey Street, is starting to get PVC Georgian windows on its top floors now!!! (If anyone has a camera to hand could they take a picture of this?) What is the planning enforcement situation here?? Is there an obligation on the owner to keep the original sash windows? Fecked if I know.

Also funny is the nice chunky wooden de Blacam & Meagher shopfront (Coffee Society) inset into the scheme’s crappy plywood traditional-style shopfront on the Liffey Street frontage.

The previous buildings at the west end of Bachelor’s Walk were very charming. Check out this ’60s view from Merchant’s Arch:

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