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Originally posted by bunch
In relation to the Water St. Development Proposal – I am wondering whether An Taisce will object or not, I have a feeling (and I could be very wrong) that An Taisce will not object, although I am sure that neighbouring residents probably will. However, I do not expect or sense any discernible ‘ourage’ nor should there be.

If An Taisce object, on what grounds would this objection be? Building Height ? – The Cork High Buildings Study identified this location as a candidate for high buildings, as did the Cork Docklands Development Strategy and the current Cork City Development Plan. It is a brownfield site on the waterfront, facing south over the city at a gateway location in terms of vehicular and maritime traffic. A high building is essential, appropriate and sustainable. If it were a four storey building, would An taisce object on the basis of it being too low, contrary to City planning Policy and govt guidelines on density and sustainable development?

In terms of design, it, to me, seems quite attractive, although i agree that it can appear monotonous. However, as is often the case in docklands projects, the initial scheme often acts as a catalyst and compromises can be made – eg dublin docklands, canary, bristol. I really hope that CCC give it support because it will kickstart the north docks and the city cannot afford to wait for CIE or Treasury to move on Horgan’s Quay.

I hope also that CCC do not take a number of floors off just to appease the inevitable gombeen local slopitician who is guaranteed to get involved and create pathetic references to Ballymun, the glen etc. Taking four or six floors off this will ruin the opportunity to set the tone for Corks new urban quarter, will institutionalise a conservative approach to design/height/architecture and would be irresponsible and, i believe, contrary to proper planning and sustainable development Cork should learn the lessons from the early approach to dublin docklands and see a project like this as a strategic opportunity to deliver positive developemtn for the entire city

Also, I do not think the site includes or adjoins a protected structure, will not compromise neighbouring dwellings sun/day light. If An Taisce object, on what grounds will this be? By the way if they do object on sound planning grounds (although i cannot anticipate these), leave them, they are entitled, lets have no abuse.

Well despite ALL that, An Taisce – the purveyors of evil, or as they seem to be better known, Campaigners for the Stone Age – have indeed objected to the Water Street development. Their submission was made on the final submissions day. They must have had itchy feet and been dying to mess up another project for Cork – well they finally gave into their temptation. But on what grounds? Conservation of a derelict site??? (Which is zoned for landmark development.) EVERY SINGLE major development proposed in Cork over the past 2 years has had an objection raised by An Taisce, if they had their way, mass unemployment and derelict sites would rule.

Thanks a lot guys, you serve no purpose other than to hold dreams back. You are a pointless and dispicable organisation and you should be ashamed of the tripe you do called work!

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