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Sean Carney

Of course everone seems to be so concerned about the effect decentralisation will have on Dublin, but no quote on the positive impact it will have on other cities and towns.
The Dublin attitude is we want it all and you do have it all, and you can’t seem to stand seeing somewhere else in Ireland get anything.
As for not wanting to move, we are all Irish, this country belongs to everyone including Dubliners and you are just the same as a person from Galway, Clonmel etc etc.
Stop talking down about everybody and every place outside of Dublin, it is bloody narrowminded.
As for the advise given to the Government to make a new capital, of course this was dismissed as been stupid by Dubliners, the lime light might be taken away from them and somewhere else might get some attention.
Has Canberra effected Sydneys or Melbournes prosperity, no, Brazillia-Rio, Sao Paulo, no, Washington-New York ,no, Wellington-Auckland, no, Pretoria-Johannesburg, Cape Town, no.
Enough Said.
Down with stuck up, greedy, narrowminded and biased Dublin people.


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