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stripey avenger

All of the submissions are disappointing. The brief is very open and i am concerned that this is the best that can be come with.

The STW proposal is really boring, and is all the more so as Michael Scotts own house an interesting peice of 1950s is across the bay. Not much of an epitaph. The HP scheme has real merit but does not understand the site. From the top down it looks great, but it is slab like from both side and as such will look huge and dominating so it’s a right off. The SOM design is again a large unbroken slab albeit pointy at one end. The DL proposal is the best but again lacks real vision, and is quite gimmicky.

I have read all the conversations about Dun Laoghaire, and for any of you that know it. It was a hole up until recently, and now it is expressing the confidence in itself to become perhaps a great centre for architectural and urban heritage in Ireland. So roll on imaginative and good architecture.

The one comment i would make is that Dun Laoghaire is a town dominated by spires, and hence it’s skyscape is really relevant. I would have like to have seen a building that had greater points of height. I hardly dare say it but why not something like sails aka Utzon Sydney Opera house but brought up to date.

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