Re: Access


It is imperative that college green is pedestrianised. People have to make choices every day whether to use the car to make a particular journey. I think that if traffic was restricted into the heart of the city, people will be resourceful and use other forms of transport or not make any unnecessary journeys. I recently cycled through D’olier st and College Green ( I am a car owner) and it proved to be a very scary experience being sandwiched between speeding cars and stretched buses. I also had the same scary experience crossing college green as a pedestrian. The centre of the Dublin should be designed to allow generous unimpeded pedestrian access from Stephens Green all the way to Parnell St. This can only be accomplished through a massive reduction in motor traffic going though college green and a large reduction in lane provision on D’olier/ Westmoreland St. It is a simple and straightforward idea and it requires bravery and innovative thinking by the city authorities. How they go about this ..that is another question but they cannot be heavily influenced by lobby groups with short term aspirations…..

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