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That makes just 3 of us so far however.

No word from our Admin.

Is there an issue of loss of control here ?
Maybe there are concerns in prospect related to democratic governance, budget committees and procedures . . .

If not, why not enable a DONATE button on the top of the forum page ?

A tenner a head from most members would buy excellent hosting, easily cover the development costs of a satisfactory website, provide more effective forums with straightforward image uploading, enable surveys of members’ views on things and – not least – allow removal of those Russian Bride ads.

Another tenner a head and we can have a discussion about how to move things really forward on this website . . .

But that’s all for the Admin, of course.
Just like removing Dwyer from the current register is a matter exclusively for the RIAI senior administrators.
Just had an idea about this.
Maybe the RIAI want to create a precedent in allowing a membership to stand despite criminal imprisonment so as to prevent civilly imprisoned architects (in for signing off on a faulty design à la the New Building Regs) having gaps in their professional records . . .

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