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@ jimg : The talk about changing UI misses the real point here.

It’s a sort of a catch-22.

Forum interest realistically can’t pick up till the majority of members – whom I believe are employed in the architecture/engineering/design/construction trades – start to get some traction in their own work situations.
When someone is worried about making enough to support their household then their spending time on non-revenue generating things is mad.

On the forum management side, loss of activity means loss of ad revenue.
No advertiser will pay to put ads in a forum that is only animated by discussion of Dutch Billies and the state of Irish churches.

Result – no money by Admin to run this thing properly.
And that is presupposing that Admin himself is keeping his own economic head above water in these tough times and has the time to run the site.

If we want to retain this Archiseek website and forums, then we have to start throwing the odd tenner in Admin’s direction.
Only then will he be able to buy decent (tech supported) hosting.
With that much at least he may be able to go to the Arts or Heritage people and seek some external funding.

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