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Thanks for the fix, Gnidleif.

Incidentally, I got this data by chance – while ‘investigating’ Desmond Fitzgerald – from these pages :

Just keep scrolling down to get it to fill in earlier events.

There are some interesting anomalies.
I can explain the sharp drop in 1973, I think, as due to the discouraging effect of the sit-in in 1968 on would-be applicants in that year.
(Either that or a share of ’68 entrants never got back from Woodstock in ’69 !)
Other spike/drops are not so clear-cut.
It seems some students were denied graduation in their final year by some stiffening up of the marking of final exams. Some names in this category are surprising, to say the least, given their subsequent demonstrated ability. Maybe like the accountancy finals in the first year of a recession when the oul fellas try to reduce the number of heads in the trough . . .
The relatively high spike in 1957 is beyond me, as is the trough in 1965.

The all-time high in 2011 — any ideas ?

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