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I don’t know if anyone is on these threads but anyway….

I see the Irish Georgian Society were refused permission by Dublin City Council to replace the two-over-two 19th century sash windows in their HQ building, Assembly House on South William Street, with replica multi-pane 18th century windows.

Are the Georgians being too purist, or would the correct 18th century windows really be an improvement?

The decision:

“1. This proposal will result in an unnecessary loss of historic fabric that will erase a phase of revision / intervention at this building, a phase which represents an integral layer of its development both in terms of the building’s social history and its evolution within the wider historic city context and therefore does not demonstrate best conservation practice. The proposed development would adversely affect the character of a protected structure located in an Architectural Conservation and would thereby be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.”

Planning Ref. 3957/14


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