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@what? wrote:

Are you people mad?

The Arts Block is a masterpiece in comparison with these corporate behemoths.

The Arts Block is a masterpiece.

This isn’t; corporate is right, it’s the colleges own version of PPP, the developer gets half to let out, for 10 years, or so, in part return for building it. There will be a tesco on the ground floor.

And someone asked about the state of Nuzzum Bros above, there is a large plan for that whole side of the college, running from Luce Hall to the Beckett Theatre, which will retain the existing buildings along Pearse St, at the planners say-so lets note, and I guess the building stock won’t be refurbished until that goes ahead, which could be a while, the college’s fundraising is currently directed towards the biosciences building, the one being discussed here.

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