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Alonso thanks for taking the time to document this project, and comment, especially considering that it passes through a “set-in” area. However, I absolutely don’t agree with you.

When the area was fields, a line would have been marked on a map for the future transport corridor. Then the area was built out. The only mistake was that the transport corridor was not then built on. This error is now being corrected. If this road had been provided in the 70s, we would never have noticed anything amiss.

Building out the area’s infrastructure is not optional, it must take place. We cannot have a city in which roads are incomplete or missing. It increases delay for all road users, pushes up bus journey times, and makes it hard to navigate. I absolutely do not accept the “30 second time saving” statistic. This is clearly not the case, as the distance from the Carysfort Ave/Stillorgan Park junction to Monkstown Ave/Stadbrook Close roundabout is 1200 m longer than will be the case when the road opens (see attachment which details the current Stillorgan-Monkstown alignment). In rush hour this would be at least an extra 5 or 10 mins. In addition, your 30k figure for the daily traffic was just off the top of your head. You constantly complain about all the cars in the area but never mention improved services for bus users, cyclists, and pedestrians. I believe it is not even possible to walk this route at the moment due to walls – please confirm.

Your photo essay was highly emotive and you got carried away several times. I was particularly confused by the one about the asphalt replacing the playground – there was no playground in the picture unless you mean the plain grassed over area, which in any case is not in fact being removed by the road. The green space in the final picture is not play space for kids, it is dead space next to the roundabout junction.

Where you see a row of charming old cottages, I see sub-standard, poky accommodation unfit for modern needs, on a worn down street greatly in need of rehabilitation and widening, and a weed-choked, litter-strewn footpath. But then beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Your assertion that “ah sure it’d be a shame not to link this all up” ignores the fact that completing this road isn’t a new idea – in fact it predates the building up of the area.

We cannot have a patchy, disconnected road network. This is the sign of a city unable to plan on a large scale and relying on the legacy network of winding country lanes. This is not a rural village where a bit of tar on the country lane is enough. This is a capital city and appropriate infrastructure isn’t an extra it’s a prerequisite.

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