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Originally posted by phil

The buildings at the bottom of Drury Street on Exchequer Street are called the Exchequer Chambers and were built in 1901 (according to the sign over the door). The other buildings either side of these seem also to be from late 19th or early 20th Century stock.

Those buildings are quite intact inside and whilst there is some case for putting the Luas on a route other than College Green; Drury St and South King St is not the way to go.

Personally I think the Luas should go the original route as the drawings are done and it is only a question of submitting an application for a time extension of the original application.

If another route is to be considered I would favour Dawon St onto Nassau St, Lincoln Place, Westland Row Pearse St and College St.

It is longer but it could serve to open up Pearse St as an attractive development location again. The way it is; is an utter disaster almost 1km of entirely dead frontage, even fireworks has closed down.

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