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@Thomond Park wrote:

A good observation but analysing the style of langauge below it is not hard to see why.

Indiscriminate cheerleading will always be a problem.

Learning to be concise would be a start, like architecture debate is about quality and not quantity][/url]

Would you please at least leave your posts intact as opposed to editing them 5 months later.

Thomond Park,

rather than adequately respond to the topics at heart, as you said was your original intention, I see you have taken the route which allows you get a nice dig in at myself – I’m sure you’ve been itching for an excuse to do so. I’m still trying to figure you out sir, as you vary wildly from making some excellent and well-received contributions – even with respect to Cork issues and with which I very genuinely endorse, like that of the Pedestrian Bridges of Cork thread…

@lexington wrote:

This thread is based on an idea put forward by Thomond Park – and I think it’s a great one. It would be nice hear to discuss the many pedestrian bridges that traverse the Lee as well as others, such as the so-called ‘Pink Link’ bridge which crossed the N8 near Glanmire – all our worthy of a mention.

Most notably, bridges such as the wonderful Daly’s “Shakey” Bridge and Mardyke Pedestrian Bridge spring to mind – but their are many more from which to discuss. I’ll have some images up soon – but all contributions are greatfully received.

…to snide comments such as the guff in the press thread:

@Thomond Park wrote:

Bollox I asked to see a copy of this more than 12 hours ago,

I’ve seen a million commercially generated images and all I’m asking for is one scanned image and this proves impossible.

If I was landlord I’d set a deadline before closing a certain free space.


@Thomond Park wrote:

But the lesson has got to be learned about abusing groups of people, some of the discussion in relation to old age pensions and childrens allowance being removed demeans everyone.

Your critiques of me (whether direct or indirect) and the Cork threads are interestingly contradicted by such posts you have made on – like below:

@Thomond Pk wrote:

The look at the state of Cork thread like, is one of the greatest acheivments in on-line discussion in the history of Irish web discussion, I know because I made significant contributions to a rival thread that now sits at 171,000 views.

The look at the state of Cork like thread was an amazing mish-mash of discussion with everything from conservation, development, architecture, street layout, traffic, airports discussed. Where it fell down was that certain contributors were a little eager to see projects gain planning consent quickly and without comment from third parties, some individuals although not many went a little far in their criticism of particular groups and even individuals. I am proud to say that I amongst others challenged these individuals and had remarks withdrawn voluntarily or simply agreed to disagree. The only annoying part about it is that the thread would take about five hours to read and that the v-bulletin software doesn’t lead to specific pages in the search function.

Even from the private messages you have sent me in the past – your position seems conflicting at times.

In trying to understand your bitterness, I have assessed a number of considerations which may justify your position – some sensical, others seem a little far fetched. Since your apparent ‘turn’ on me and the Cork threads (well at least the 2 that concern development) – I have been monitoring your input and comments, on so many occassions with which I could have easily picked you up on – like the comments quoted above, I have not ~ and most certainly, this is not the thread to do so.

You have singled out particular comments made by me (without consideration for the larger context in which they were posted) and failed to identify the tones of other comments made in response to my input – which to say the least, were not exactly unbiased or positive in tone. However, that is another issue on which I tried to leave it not confrontational (I refer to my last comments in my last reply to Devin). I would like to think I can amend some of the comments I may have made which he found offensive, and likewise.

Thomond Park – you seem to have either spent a lot of time researching comments I’ve made by either trawling through a thread you yourself commented takes forever to do so – either that, or I conclude that you’ve harboured it for the right opportunity. With reference to that particular post you highlight, that concerned a comment I made stating a quite genuine question whether or not people in anti-highrise communities would object to a church of equal or greater height (as a comparitive to other building heights) were it proposed. I did, at the time of those inaccurate articles (articles since proven inaccurate and false) alter that post until such a time that I could review the comments apparently made on the subject thread and so that I could investigate the claims – I did write a rebuttal and proof of the inaccuracy of the article claims – which took even defensive responses such as those made by Diaspora and quotes not even on this site at all and twisted them to attack the site (as a whole). For the comment you highlight, I did take full responsibility – but at any stage, it was never meant as a dig to the group, it was a genuine query (take that as you will). I believe a great deal of the rebuttal I posted was in the end adopted by Paul Clerkin and posted here -> as part of his defensive of the site. And quite rightly. If this is the issue with which you have a problem – I’d be curious to know.

Furthermore, Thomond Park – in my capacity, I have tried to expand my contributions beyond development threads. Development is my area of understanding – but this site is very much a learning tool and I am greatful for what I have learned since my participation, I have tried to translate that learning more and more into a number of articles I have written for publications beyond this website. Furthermore, I have toned down my own hardline stance (which was partially initial ignorance to be blunt) and generally resort to making news posts rather than comments – you yourself have commented on the fact that such comments do not appear so much on threads like the Cork threads:

@Thomond Park wrote:

…some of the discussion in relation to old age pensions and childrens allowance being removed demeans everyone. It has stopped over recent months and the timing of the article surprised me…….

Furthermore, I have tried to push more architectural awareness into the development threads –

some recent examples

although I do recognise they predominantly centre on development (which was represented by Paul Clerkin‘s recent name change of the latest thread). For my own part, I try generally in other threads I contribute to keep it more focused in line with architectural issues – but my discipline is not rooted in pure architecture and I comment generally on my area of understanding which is beyond this. That said, my interest in architecture is an increasingly developing one – and the reason I became interested and by extension involved in these forums was based on my interest of the subject. I’m still learning and have much further to go, I know that, whether concerning the content of my posts, the way in which I post them or my insight into various topics architectural or so related.

Rather than continue on pointing fingers and backlashing – I don’t wish to protract this discussion on this thread any further. You have made your points, I have responded – if you do have issues with me and you feel the need to air them – by all means contact me whether through PM or e-mail. You can let it rip there and I will listen. I don’t understand why you would dilute your good input with the need to dig me or my opinions in a non-constructive manner – you critique my comments on a topic and yet don’t add any yourself to the topic matter, why is that? Are you above it? Curious. You can be such a great contributor let down by a very strange sense of petty behaviour – I’m no dear myself, especially on first beginning to partake in – but I am aware and trying to improve. I do not initiate specific targetting of users on these forums (if you wish to point out my early issues with An Taisce – may I point out that on agreement with you (I believe) I do not make damaging references to the organisation anymore][/url]

Sincerely, and quite genuinely,


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